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♥ I'm just a girl ♥
17 October 2009 @ 04:26 am

Lyrics for a Late Lab Report (Because we're University Students and we've All Been There)

Brain work against the body clock

It's not so late, only a little more to go

So strain against the scarf melded to your eyes

Put the glasses on and read through one more time


I can hear church bells from my house

On my bed in my small room

With my monitor and blanket

Holding onto consciousness just barely


So here's to you, every late night rebellion you seige through

Your half awake admissions and your half awake ambitions

That snuggle up and pull you through


Brain work against the body clock

The words will come together, fragmentation is fine

The editing can wait, as we write and then erase

And dawn will rise to greet you when the morning comes to meet you

Then the words upon the paper will blur into a table

That tells you, you did all that you could do.

♥ I'm just a girl ♥
09 September 2009 @ 04:20 pm
By the end of this week I will be redoing my lj account. Deleting all friends/communities. The account name will be changed and turned into a writing account...for...various uses.
♥ I'm just a girl ♥
14 April 2009 @ 12:05 am

Jesus Jam

Hey Hey - spread the good word today

We've got savior in a bottle

And he goes great with toast

It's not sacrelidge - coz he died for mankind

Think of it as spreadable religion

Well nevermind!

For Jesus - is for sale

And they say he goes great with wine



♥ I'm just a girl ♥
13 April 2009 @ 11:52 pm

Robot Love

We are not dressed in black,

We are not advocates of night time

Maybe we should try it

Maybe we would see something new


I am not solitary

No, I am more than I have known

Oh, or so he tells me


Give us the, the mission oh

We take it out with fists and limbs

Spinning out into the darkness spindle fibres

Make a new me

We are tempatation on solarwaves

We are a soul on radio frequency 

Maybe this body's broken

Maybe we know something

That you never thought you’d buy into


I am not solitary

No, I am more than I have known

Oh, or so he tells me


Give us the, the mission oh

We take it out with fists and limbs

Spinning out into the darkness spindle fibres

Make a new me

I have built myself

To the power of ten

I have built myself

To the power of ten



♥ I'm just a girl ♥
13 August 2008 @ 06:32 pm

Hey guys,
Long time no see. Anyway lets stab right at the heart of the matter. Seeing as I'm currently making a huge overhaul in my life, I'm also graduating from xxxmiuholic.  My new lj - although not quite up and running yet is;


That's right.  So from now onwards all my posts will be placed there. When I have a bit more time, and have finished the layout I'll start adding and friending people. SO DON'T IGNOREEE MEEEE!

That's all for this post, because I have to study @_@ And I'm supervising the store tomorrow, so I'm genuinely freaking out.
xxxmiu/des/whatever the hell I told you my name was...

☆: depressedThere's no emoticon for dead.
♥ I'm just a girl ♥
27 September 2007 @ 07:18 pm
Well. Today was better than yesterday.  THANK YOU HELEN FOR MY CHOCOLATEEEEEE. I may not have seemed sparky @ the time. But I'm veryyyyy happpppy ^_____________^ 
To compensate for my terrible day yesterday - I've been giving my self a girly self focused night.
I painted my nails (clear - but still), I fawned over my new shampoo that makes my hair straight (without the straightener!), I even cooked myself a yummy dinner. Now I'm comfortably watching sappy Korean dramas until it's done. This will be followed by a tiny amount of leisure reading and then maybe some assignment work. No school tomorrow till 2 so I GET TO SLEEP IN!!!! YAY!
☆: gigglygiggly
♥ I'm just a girl ♥
08 August 2007 @ 02:02 pm
Lol! No one should be surprised right? Everyone knows I'm the Shadow Queen....

(http://starmouth.mypersonality.info/) Couldn't get the Badge to work :'(
♥ I'm just a girl ♥
30 July 2007 @ 09:51 pm
I had so much work to do today - and time to do it. What did I do? I lazed around, failed a test and generally did nothing. Not @ 10pm I'm doing linguistics, with intentions to do all my azn studies work. T_T
I was going sooooo well.

Another angry point of contest about today: CASSANDRA CLAIRE HAS DELETED HER WORK FROM THE NET!!!
 NUUUUUUU What happened to me finishing Draco Veritas (or whatever the last one was!!) and I wanted to re-read the others nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu *screams hysterically* HOW COULD SHE? I love her Draco more than canon. Canon Draco is a sisssssy. *sobs* Want to read *craves smexy non-canon Draco*



Okay back to work.
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♥ : Ikeda Sensei's Nakai Voice
♥ I'm just a girl ♥
Help Me.
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♥ : Coin Operated Boy
♥ I'm just a girl ♥
In about 10 minutes I will be sucked into a world of horror. That's right. 24 hour essay HELL! HELL! Bah Humbug. I'm halfway finished modifying my layout- but it still looks too much like Helen's for me to be happy -_-; I'll get there one day. Anyway, I'm nervous and I feel sick but I'm sure I'll make it through today and tomorrow...hopefully.
I've got five minutes to draw up a plan too...*sigh*
So not prepared. BUT WILL NOT FAIL!! HUZZAH
Wish me luck. I may not appear till sometime Saturday and only then because of Paula's birthday...
*wants to sleep* Gah.
Need caffine. Bye!
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